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An intelligent device for the management and self-consumption of the solar energy produced, utilisable in:
• solar systems of up to 6kW single-phase, new or already operational;
• one phase of three-phase photovoltaic systems up to 20kW.



This device monitors and displays the energy produced, consumed and fed, through the on-board display or on smartphones, iPads and PCs with the optional Mia-Wi-Fi module.


Automatically activates the utilities destined for self-consumption, using the energy that would otherwise be sold back to the grid at not-so-great rates.

Management of up
to 6 loads

• 2 resistive loads in proportional mode
• 4 wireless on/off loads or 4 wired on/off loads

Signals the shutdown
of the system

Any shutdown of the system due to blockage or failure of the inverter is communicated through a buzzer or a light signal, controlled by a relay that can be ordered with the selected kit.

Prevents blackouts
due to overload

If the power extracted from the electricity grid exceeds the amount established in the contract, MIA ENERGY temporarily releases an “expendable” load for the time necessary to return to the permitted consumption. This operation prevents the circuit breaker being deactivated and the consequent blackout.

Signals that the inverters
are blocked

Any blockage of the inverters is communicated through a buzzer or light signal, controlled by a relay that can be ordered together with the selected kit.

Prevents inverter blockage
due to overvoltage

In areas with high photovoltaic density, line overvoltages are frequent, as is the subsequent disconnection of inverters from the grid. MIA ENERGY has a Grid Balance function which, in the event of an overvoltage, forcibly activates a load (for example, for the electric boiler) for the time necessary to lower the mains voltage, bringing it back to a safe level.


Hot Water Kit

With the Hot Water Kit, you can generate thermal storage to power:

  • boilers
  • puffer tanks
  • tanks with electrical resistance up to 6kW

The Hot Water Kit allows you to have a reserve of heated water for sanitary and technical use, with consequent savings on the gas bill.

The internal electrical resistance of the boiler, puffer tank or accumulator is managed by MIA ENERGY through the output from 0 to 100% and powered with the aid of solid-state relays.

With this system, it is possible to control the boiler or the electric accumulators to heat water proportionally, based on the amount of electricity available in the solar system, without purchasing from the grid. The water temperature can be viewed and set directly via MIA ENERGY.

SG-Ready Control Kit

The SG-Ready Control Kit allows you to control SG-Ready appliances and devices, equipped with Smart Grids (which can be activated and deactivated from an external command), such as:

  • Heat pumps
  • Air-conditioners
  • Washers

It works on the basis of the energy available in the solar system by closing the contact of a relay (with up to 4 controllable relays).

Radio-controlled Load Kit

The Radio-controlled Load Kit is able to control:

  • Hotplates
  • Electric stoves
  • Household appliances (washing machines, dishwashers, etcetera, with automatic start)

Self-consumption can be managed through the automatic control of up to 4 wireless sockets (2 included in the kit), to which an equal number of preferential loads (up to 3.6kW) can be connected, to be switched on or off according to priorities and programmable thresholds, based on the availability of energy in the photovoltaic system.

This solution is particularly suited when it is difficult to use electric cables.

Inductive/Capacitive Load Kit

The Inductive/Capacitive Load Kit is suitable for loads that have a strong inrush current when switched on or off, such as:

  • Electric vehicle chargers
  • Motors
  • Pumps
  • Heat pumps
  • Electric heaters
  • Hotplates

Such charges cannot be powered by a normal electromechanical relay, hence the kit includes a wired solid-state relay with on/off power for loads of up to 6kW, which prevents the contacts being damaged.

CE Compatibility

Data Sheet

Hot Water Kit Technical Data Sheet

Sg-Ready Control Kit Technical Data Sheet

Radio-Controlled Load Kit Technical Data Sheet

Inductive/Capacitive Load Kit Technical Data Sheet

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