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Mia Energy range

Optimises the self-consumption of the energy
produced by your solar system

Achieves an eco-sustainable home, with self-consumption close to 100% and the maximum return on investment

Manage your
solar energy production

MIA ENERGY is an intelligent device designed by Xenit to optimise the self-consumption of the energy produced by residential solar systems (up to 6kW in single-phase or on one phase of a three-phase systems up to 20kW) and shift consumption during peak energy production, with automatic load management.

We at Xenit have created 4 kits corresponding to the different uses of MIA ENERGY:

For the self-consumption of solar energy

Why choose MIA ENERGY from Xenit?

10 reasons

Installation can be on new or existing systems.

Increases profitability of the investment, whilst optimising the self-consumption of the energy produced.

Indispensable for the ecological transition.

MIA ENERGY and its accessories have been designed to facilitate installation, rendering it quick and easy.

Its integrated functions are in a single device, ensuring the use of MIA ENERGY is highly flexible.

Designed and manufactured in Italy.

With MIA ENERGY, it is possible to create thermal storage.

Customisable in terms of functions and aesthetics.

Expandable configurations, integrating the product with the accessories in the catalogue.

It can be inserted directly into the electrical panel, thanks to its small size (6 DIN modules).

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