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and security

  • Repowering and energy management in solar, industrial and residential systems
  • Monitoring and efficiency of AC and DC power lines

Consolidated history

We were founded in 1994 under the name of Elettrograf. Then in 2020, we proudly become part of the consolidated Atex Industries, as Xenit: Photovoltaic and Safety, an operating unit dedicated to solar, with the ambition of becoming a technological brand of international reference.


ISO 9001:2008
We are certified pursuant to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality System to accompany the various players involved in the public and private ecological change in the energy field, promoting a professional and entirely safe use of solar technology.

Our company of reference

Atex Industries, a company to which Xenit and 3 other divisions belong, has been operating since 1972 in the world of electronics, in particular in the design and development of electronic boards for multiple sectors of application.

Today, in an ambitious renovation project, its know-how extends to the development of IoT technologies for connecting devices via local and remote control, integrated with Artificial Intelligence.

Atex Industries is a subsidiary of VeNetWork Spa, an exemplary network of entrepreneurs from Triveneto, an original model at a national level which, by investing in corporate talents, offers support in the development of innovative ideas, projects and companies.
VeNetWork SpA is a joint-stock company with private capital, configured as an accelerator of productive and financial opportunities. It unites 62 entrepreneurs from Veneto who, collectively, manage about 200 companies, employing 8,000 employees and being present in 90 countries around the world. They are all motivated by the desire to do more for their territory, supporting and developing projects with high potential.

Our divisions

Design and supply of electronic devices for energy management and safety.

Design and production of high-tech electronic boards and devices.

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Design and supply of temperature controllers for the medical, HORECA and industrial sectors.

Design and supply of lithium batteries for technological applications.

 Our history in the name of evolution


To pursue a sustainable future

Xenit’s goal is to contribute to reducing the damage to the environment caused by CO₂ emissions, improving the safety of the installation and safeguarding operators’ investments, whilst also ensuring management efficiency and significant economic returns to the entire supply chain.

We firmly believe in the uniqueness of Made in Italy, hence why the entire chain of our design and production of electronic boards, systems and products has always been located in Italy. We are partners of important companies in the development of ideas, solutions and products that support and optimise renewable energy production processes, so that they may become more technologically advanced and thus more competitive on the market.


An avant-garde offer

We are one of the 4 divisions of Atex Industries. Our focus is on the creation of innovative products. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify customer needs and solve problems. These are the assumptions from which our offer is born, characterised by a high level of quality and customisation of the various products available which, due to their characteristics, require continuous and timely after-sales support.

We offer our customers immediate answers, both in terms of advice on and assistance with the products, because we are convinced that – beyond the financial benefits – what matters most is the service.

How may we assist you?

Our team is comprised of talented design engineers and brilliant sales people who work in synergy with each other.

Restore solar power

Optimise your energy management

Make your electrified lines safer

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