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Our exclusive

The services we dedicate to you
are as important
as the quality of our products.

Why you should choose Xenit

We at Xenit would like you to discover all our services on your journey towards our products, developed to ensure you can make an informed decision in selecting the solution that best suits your needs, as well as to support you before and after your purchase.

Initial assessment

This step is aimed at taking a technical snapshot of your needs, with an analysis of the system (where necessary) that allows us to draw up a diagnosis of the real causes of the problem you are experiencing.

Solution proposal

We show you which product best meets your needs, sizing it according to the case at hand.


Ad-hoc customisation of standard products adapts them to the most diverse needs.


There is the option to choose the modalities of a preventive test, where foreseen.

Technical support

You are supported by our experts both during installation and in commissioning the products. Furthermore, we then verify its correct functioning through remote monitoring.

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