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Made in Italy technology| |Manages and protects the environment | |Manages and protects the energy | |Prevents and protects against PID| |Ensures profitability| |

We manufacture electronic devices
for repowering,
solar energy management
and power line safety.


We restore power to installations affected by PID and prevent its onset.


We help you optimise the self-consumption of the energy produced by your system.

Power line

We make power lines safe by monitoring the presence of copper and aluminium cables.

Made in Italy
and technologies

Our company was founded in 1994 under the name of Elettrograf. Then, in 2020, we proudly become part of the consolidated Atex Industries, as Xenit: Photovoltaic and Safety, an operating unit dedicated to solar, with the ambition of becoming a technological brand of international reference.

Fields of application

We want to support the ecological change happening in the energy sector, in both public and private spheres.

We deal with medium and large industrial photovoltaic systems as well as small residential solar systems.

We deal with power lines for industrial plants, motorways, tunnels, railways, purifiers and photovoltaic backbones.

 For all your needs

Choose Xenit

Restore solar power

Optimise your energy management

Secure your electrified lines

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