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HELP range

Secure your AC
power lines

The aim of the HELP range is to guarantee safety and activate predictive actions on AC power lines, promptly reporting any attempted theft or anomalies.

Protect your AC power lines
from the theft of copper and aluminium cables

Xenit products, for the safety of AC electrified lines, are HELP-AC and HELP-LT, as patented systems for detecting the presence of copper and aluminium cables and monitoring energy efficiency on AC power lines or those not yet connected.

For AC or non-live
power lines

For monitoring AC or non-live
power lines

Why choose Xenit’s HELP range

12 reasons

Exclusive, patented Italian technology that guarantees a high level of reliability in monitoring energy and line-presence.

Customisation of products and the development of ad-hoc systems.

Technical analyses to identify the ideal product for your system + technical assistance via telephone during the installation phase.

Checks the presence of AC and non-live power lines, preventing copper theft and downtime.

The installation takes place in the inverter room to optimise time.

The lack of electrical contact between the sensors and the cables to be protected ensure complete safety.

Promptly reporting the theft of copper and aluminium cables avoids economic impact.

The operation of HELP-AC and HELP-LT is totally automatic.

Monitoring is also done remotely through the ModBus protocol.

HELP-LT measures energy efficiency, reports the number of faulty loads, measures line resistance, measures line capacitance and even measures line degradation.

With HELP-LT, you have the log of the last 1,000 alarm notifications at hand along with the energy absorbed by each line for 1 year, with a resolution of 1 hour.

Activates IoT (Internet of Things) functionality, sends alarms via SMS to the numbers programmed in the internal directory, sets internal parameters via SMS, sends emails with alarm notifications and message history.

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